Know How to Stop a Dog From Chewing


Chewing problem of dogs is quite a common problem for dog owners. So a common question asked by them is, how to stop dog from chewing. It is very natural for dogs and puppies to chew, but when they chew something which is harmful to their health, or expensive and important things, it becomes problematic. A dog chews almost anything.

Why does a dog chew?

  • How to Stop a Dog From ChewingA dog may chew when it is bored or is feeling lonely.
  • When it is going through a period of phobia for something.
  • When it is frightened.
  • When it wants attention.
  • If it is suffering from separation anxiety.
  • Sometimes when it is anticipating something, it chews.
  • Some other reasons why puppies chew are their curiosity and teething.
  • Dental problems can also make them chew.

Why stop dogs from chewing?

Chewing is not a good thing for both the dog and its owner. It can destroy several important things, and it can be a reason of frustration for the dog owner, and also chewing can prove to be dangerous for the dog’s health.

There are several useful methods of how to stop dog from chewing.

Stop the dog from chewing quickly – When one sees his dog chewing something, he must strongly prevent him from doing so. Instead he can give it a chewing toy. It is necessary to stop the dog from doing the act the moment it is noticed.

Obedience training – A good method to solve this problem is giving the dog training to be obedient.

Keep things out of his reachIf one has to stop his dog from chewing things, he should keep those things out of the dog’s reach.

Avoid giving household items to the dog as toys. Dogs cannot differentiate between toys and household items, so refrain from providing shoes or other things for play.

Don’t make it out of sight – It is better to keep an eye on the dog to the extent possible. If he is left alone, he should be kept in a safe place where he can get nothing near him to chew.

Physical and mental exercise – This keeps the body and mind of the dog fit, doesn’t make him feel bored or lonely and also saves from any kind of anxiety or fear.

Train the dog to offer an exchange whenever it chews something. In this training, a person will command the dog to give up the item it’s chewing, and then provide the dog with something better to chew on.

One should not chase his dog when it takes something into its mouth to chew. This is not the right way to stop dogs from chewing.


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