Finding Answers for How to Stop Dog Shedding


A common problem faced by dog owners is shedding. Almost all dogs shed during the entire year but they can shed more in the spring time. Few breeds of dogs have a thick coat and they shed in large quantities. It becomes a very big problem for dog owners when their house is filled with layers of unwanted hair. So, dog owners always want to know how to stop dog shedding. Dog shedding cannot be stopped completely but there are few ways through which shedding can be decreased and also hair can be removed before it causes any problem in the house.

How to Stop Dog SheddingThere are some simple solutions for people who want to know how to stop dog shedding. Dog owners need to brush their pets on a regular basis. Brushing will help to make the coat of the dog soft, healthy and it will also help to prevent shedding. By just brushing the dog’s hair the house can be kept tidy and it will also be helpful to prevent allergies if anyone suffers from it due to unwanted dog hair around the house. Dog shedding is also dependent on the diet of the dog. The food quality should be high in protein supply because it will help in easy digestion. A good and healthy diet would make the dog’s coat beautiful and shiny.

The next advice regarding how to stop dog shedding is also simple to follow. It is advisable to give a bath to the dog at least once a week by using an oatmeal shampoo which is delicate. The dog shedding problem is mainly because of dry skin of the dog. Therefore it is very important to ensure that the dog does not have the condition of dry skin. Dry skin condition may be very painful or itchy and it will prompt the dog to scratch themselves excessively. This in turn will cause more falling of hair.

The dry skin condition should be treated with the use of oral medication or medicated shampoo. The oatmeal shampoo would keep the dog clean and it will not make the skin dry and it would also rejuvenate the dog’s coat. The incorporated formula of such an oatmeal shampoo is Vitamin A and E which is quite beneficial for maintenance of a healthy coat and the shampoos are available in various scents.

If a dog sheds excessively it is important to arrange for the visit of a veterinarian. Such a situation should not be ignored as it may be a health issue or due to a problem in the diet. Dog owners want to know the methods of how to stop dog shedding, but the fact is shedding cannot be stopped completely. A change in the diet, additional supplements or new activities may prevent dog hair fall. It is a true fact that shedding is a big problem but by maintaining a constant routine a dog owner will have less worries.


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