Caring for Clothes of Small Dogs


When you have a small dog in the home, caring for it can turn out to be a particularly difficult thing to do. A small dog needs specific clothes and a specific kind of care which is not what you have to carry out for the big dogs. Buying clothes for small dogs is also quite tricky and you need to do this after taking a number of things into consideration. There are however, small dog clothes which you can buy in order to dress up your pet. These have to be cared for in the right manner so as to make them last longer.

Steps to Take When Caring for Small Dog Clothes

1. Dusting

The first essential step that needs to be taken when caring for the small dog clothes is to make sure that these are dusted every once in awhile. The small dog clothes need to be cleaned with the help of a duster, and dusted very thoroughly in order to remove all the dirt particles that have settled on the garment. This will not take longer than two or three hours for you to do.

Small Dog Clothes

2. Rinsing and soaking

The second step which you need to take in order to care for small dog clothes is to rinse these in cold water. The cleaning agent which you use should be liquid soap solution and not detergent powder. This is because most dogs are allergic to detergent powder. When you clean your pet’s clothes with this powder, you stand the risk of making your dog very sick. The clothes should be allowed to soak in the liquid solution for about an hour or so, and then it should be rinsed once again with cold water.

3. Washing and drying

The third step which you need to take is to squeeze the clothes and make sure that the soap has been successfully removed from the garment. If it is allowed to remain, it can severely affect the outer layer of your pet’s fur, making it dry. After that, you need to dry the clothes in bright sunshine. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant and it will make sure that the clothes have no more impurities and elements that would otherwise have caused some infection to your pet.

4. Ironing

The final step which you need to take in order to care for the small dog clothes is to make sure that these clothes are ironed. After that you need to keep them in a clean section of the cupboard. You should never expose your small pets to dirty clothes as they are fragile creatures and can suffer easily when made to come in contact with germs.

Thus, there are quite a few steps which you need to take in order to care for small dog clothes in a rightful manner. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your pet’s clothes are in really good condition. Your pet will definitely love you more for this!


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