All About Nail Care for Dogs


There are few things which are as trendy these days as dog nail care. There are dog grooming clinics in all the major cities and towns of the world that provide pet owners with the opportunity of being able to groom their pets well. Dogs are made to take part in shows on television and for this they need to be done up in specialized parlors. Professionals who work at such parlors are very well trained and carry out grooming activities with a lot of care. One of the most common activities performed at such a parlor is dog nail care.

Features of Dog Nail Care in Grooming Clinics

Thorough Examination of Nails

Dog Nail Care

One of the most important features of dog nail care is an examination of the nails of a particular dog. The groomer takes a look at the size of the nails as well as the type of condition that they are in before taking the decision to chop them off. The nail cutting is done with a large nail cutter that has been designed specifically for removing nails from paws. The pets are hardly made to feel anything while this is being carried out.

Washing Nails in Soapy Water

The nails are then placed in soapy lukewarm water and allowed to soak for some time. The lukewarm water allows the dirt particles which have settled over the dog’s nails to recede and make the nails look clean and healthy. Liquid soap is used to then rub over the nails of the dog, in slow massaging movements. This causes a lot of relaxation for the pet and also helps the dog groomer to successfully remove the hard skin that has formed over the pet’s paws. This is a very important aspect of dog nail care and is carried out in most grooming parlors.

Application of Cream over the Nails

The next step for dog nail care that is taken by the stylists at the dog grooming parlor is to place the nails of the dog in clean cold water and allow them to soak once again for five to six minutes. After this, some cream is applied over the dog nails. The purpose of cream application is to make the dog nails smooth, so that they feel soft and smooth after the skin has been removed. Usually creams made up of herbal ingredients are used as those which contain chemical ingredients can have a harsh impact on the skin of the dog.

Application of Nail Polish

The final step which is taken for dog nail care is to apply nail polish over them. The color of the nail polish is determined after taking into consideration the color of the dog. If it is a brown dog, then pastel colors are used for nail art

Thus, there are quite a few exciting features that are associated with dog nail care, which you can keep in mind when thinking about taking your dog to a grooming center any time soon.


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