Top 10 Signs your Dog maybe Sick


As a proud dog owner, you can vouch that you know your pet very well. You can tell when your doggie feels happy, when she wants to eat, how much she likes to eat, when she is in the mood to play and when she feels sleepy. Your bonding and observation may be great, but there are some subtle things you can miss. Knowing if your dog is not well helps to get them treated on time. Learn how to identify your dog is sick with these top 10 signs your dog maybe sick.

Top 10 Signs Your Dog May Be Sick

Scratching, Biting, Drooling

Occasional scratching, biting of the foot is common and a part of their grooming process, but if they continue to do this, it may indicate an issue. Scratching their ears and other parts may mean allergies or fleas. If you find them frequently reaching for the sides of their mouth, it could be teeth problem. Drooling is common, but too much can mean bad, painful teeth. Bad breath is another sign of a dental problem. Observe if your dog has any trouble with chewing.

Coughing, wheezing

Frequent cough might mean an underlying problem which could be a minor lung issue or a more serious heart problem. Constant wheezing, sneezing may indicate an infection. You should also look for shortness of breath to point it out to the vet. Cough can cause sleep trouble to your dog.

Not drinking water

If you find that your dog is not drinking water, it is an indication of illness. It may also fall sick because of dehydration. You should observe this and get it resolved with the vet at the earliest.

Change in behavior

If you notice any changes in their regular habits, you should take note. They may suddenly seem very inactive, because of an injury or sickness. If you notice that your dog is sleepy all the time instead of being active, it’s time to visit the vet.

Moody, irritated

If you find that your dog is unusually grumpy and snaps at you when you reach out, it may mean an underlying health issue. They may growl at you if you try to pet them, because of injury related pain. See if they are sensitive to touch at a specific spot.

Too Thirsty

Drinking too much and urinating frequently might mean your dog is ill. It may be a kidney related issue, diabetes, tumour or other conditions.

Dull skin

Dry and flaky skin is usually because of lack of nutritious diet but could also mean allergies and hormone related problems. Hairloss, dry skin and rashes might be a sign of not just an external problem, but also an internal illness. Also, any new lumps must get checked out by the vet.

Weight Loss

Sudden loss of noticeable weight might be an indication of health issue. This may happen without any changes to their diet or activities. In case if they put on weight for no reason, it could also mean there is problem.

High temperature

Dogs can suffer from fever as well and you can use a thermometer to determine the temperature. If your dog has high temperature, just like humans, it should be taken to the vet for treatment. Fever may be accompanied by other symptoms also.

Stomach problems

 If your dog is having upset stomach, vomiting, accompanied by loss of appetite and inactivity, you should get it diagnosed by the vet. Severe diarrhoea, stomach pain or swelling might point to a serious problem.


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