Understanding the Benefits of Probiotics for Dogs


Before knowing the benefits of probiotics for dogs it is essential for you to understand about probiotics fully. Probiotics are a kind of beneficial bacteria residing usually in digestive system. In the recent years humans being have become conscious of what they eat and it has now extended to the pets they love. Maintaining a healthy diet for your faithful friend is the need of the hour as the scary results of a few foods for your pet dog have been in the limelight for a long time now. There are many species of probiotics but major among them are two namely, lactobacillus that resides in the small intestine and bifidobactera that is present in the large intestine.

Probiotics for Dogs

Why are probiotics essential?

These probiotics are highly beneficial for your dogs as they help to strengthen the overall immune system of the dogs and helps in easy digestion of the food. The benefits of probiotics for dogs are such that the probiotics help in producing short chain fatty acids within your dog’s body that prevent the growth and spread of bad bacteria namely clostridium, salmonella and E. coli. This aids in preventing the occurrence of diarrhea, inflammation in the intestine and its lining, allergies, irritable bowel conditions and urinary tract infections. So by feeding your dog with probiotics enriched food would allow to have a continuous presence of good bacteria in the intestine which will defend against all harmful microorganisms which might enter the dog’s body when he sniffs something.

Defense of probiotics

Apart from the defense mechanisms of the probiotics in your four legged friend’s body, it is essential to know about the nutritive value of it. Probiotics are highly rich in nutritive value and can supply lot of B vitamins, folic acid and biotin. This helps to strengthen the immune system of your pet dog and aids in overall well being of your furry friend. The benefits of probiotics for dogs are so high that they offer the much needed iron, helps in absorption of nutrition from the food he eats, helps in digestion and offers antioxidants that will keep away free radicals from his system.

There are many established brands that offer probiotic foods for dogs which are premium players in the industry. These foods are available as instant foods and refrigerated option. Dogs usually love them and your cute friend would also devour it until the last bit. If you are buying the refrigerated foods for your dogs then make sure that you store them in the required temperature level as it is essential for the probiotics to remain active. You can also mix them with the usual food in small proportions to make sure that they get a fair share of the benefits of probiotics for dogs each time.


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