6 Effective Tips for Pregnant Dog Care


Congratulations! Your loving pet is about to become a mother. Pet owner’s bond is much with his pet like a parent and child. We love our cute pets like the way we love our own children. In US, almost every family has at least one pet in their home, either it may dog or cat. As a dog owner, you should take much care at each and every stage of its life, like during pregnancy, when it becomes older, etc. Pregnant dog care is very important to ensure that she is healthy and in perfect shape. Pregnant dog’s body will go through many changes as her puppies grow inside her, and also her needs will increase. Before they deliver pups, you should provide clean, nice and quiet atmosphere.

In this blog post, let’s learn about pregnant dog care.

Tips for Pregnant Dog Care

Give Her More Rest:

As like a pregnant lady, dogs also feel so many things. She goes through bodily changes and emotional phases during her pregnancy. Pregnancy can be exhausting to her, so let her have as much rest as she needs.


During her first 30 days of pregnancy period, she can have her normal food, as long as it is best quality food. After 30 days, feed her with little more than normal diet, as she has little mouths to feed inside her! Consult your veterinarian to know much about pregnancy dog care and also feeding. Good quality food has so many nutrients. Do not offer any kind of vitamin supplements, as they may cause birth defects. Before giving any medicines check with your pet doctor.

Special Feeding:

Keep your dog and her pups healthy by giving natural food instead of manufactures treats. Give her veggies and raw fruits. Most of the dogs love apples, berries, bananas, broccoli, papayas, cantaloupe, and spinach. Do not give foods like grapes or chocolate, they will make your dog become ill.


Take her for a walk. She may become overweight in her pregnancy period, so walk will keep her in perfect shape for delivery. A walk is a physical and mental exercise. Letting her run in the backyard is not a walk. During her last 3 weeks of pregnancy do not take her out avoid contact with other male or female dogs as they are prone to get diseases at that time.

Provide Her Perfect Place:

Fill a large cardboard box with cushion in bottom and a newspaper on top of that in her delivery time.

Contact Vet Emergency Hospital:

Make sure that you know where is the Vet Emergency Hospital that is near to yours. If your dog faces severe complications, you can contact them immediately.


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