Tips for Effective Dog House Training


Effective dog house training is very important if you want to keep your dog inside the house. Initially you may feel little confusing, but soon you can complete dog house training successfully and finally you are on way to enjoy the good bond with your new mate.

The right time to start dog house training is between 8-12 weeks old. This is the age for young dog that doesn’t require its mother and it can thoroughly understand your instructions and maintain these.

Here are few tips for successful dog house training:

  • Dog House TrainingThe most important thing is having tolerance and consistency when you give dog house training. Don’t punish the dog for any accidents or mistakes. Gradually your pet learns to control bowel and bladder as it gets older. There is no rush for your dog house training; your puppy will learn everything soon.
  • Use dog enclosure to create a playing and sleeping area for your pet. Don’t use the dog house for punishment; use it just for sleep and play. When the puppy is in its house, it won’t pee because it doesn’t want to spoil its own bed. During this course of dog house training, you may keep your dog in its house when you are busy or outside the house.
  • Dogs are greatly dependent on their routines, so it is good to start dog house training as early as possible. You can make a routine for feeding, walking, playing and sleeping and also assign a location in the house where it can only eat or drink.
  • Praise and reward your puppy when you find anything good in it. For example, you can reward the dog by petting or giving a dog cracker. The more you reward your puppy, the faster it will learn.
  • You can leave your house from the same entrance whenever you like. This will teach the dog that it should scratch at that door or indicate when it wants to go out in the future.
  • If you find your dog defecating or urinating during the effective dog house training, don’t scold it as it won’t recognize what the scolding is for.
  • There is a new dog training method called clicker training. In this method, when the pet follows a command correctly, a clicker noise is produced. This is followed by a treat and praise for the puppy. This method works effectively for Labradors or goldadors.

If the puppy misbehaves, say ‘No’ loudly and guide it to the designated elimination area. Don’t think that dog training is very difficult or complicated. It gives more time for you to get aware with your dog and make good bond. Patience and showing lots of love is more important in your dog house training.


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