Find Answer to the Question – How to Stop Dog From Licking Paws


Before knowing how to stop dog from licking paws, a dog owner should first be aware as to why dogs lick their paws.

Licking their paws is a natural instinct for a dog. It may also happen when a dog is suffering from skin allergies. Allergy is caused by many reasons like insecticide, pesticide, grass etc.

There are some mental factors that can cause a dog to lick its paws. When a dog is alone, searching for something, or attempting to go somewhere but is hindered, it exhibits this behavior. Engaging the dog in continuous activities reduces the inclination to lick its paws.

Dog From Licking Paws

Know how to stop dog from licking paws

  • If a dog licks its paw because it suffers from allergies, it is important to identify the actual type or cause of the allergy.
  • In serious cases, it is highly recommended to give dogs painkillers for relief.
  • Antidepressants may also help, but it is not a good option always. As these medications have different effects on different dogs, consulting with a vet is the best option.
  • Interacting with the dog constantly, will make it feel that it is important to the family and will thereby increase its self esteem and indirectly help in a psychological way to get rid of the problem.
  • If the dog is happy, it will be easy to teach the dog any command or trick. It will be well trained and will avoid acts like, itching or licking paws.
  • Mental and physical exercises are of good help. It also keeps the dog healthy and increases its abilities.
  • Pet owners should make their dogs play with other dogs and with interesting toys.
  • A massage is a very good technique. It gives a good feeling to the dog. It helps in producing various neurotransmitters by stimulating the brain of the dog. Massage should be done in every part of the body. It also makes shoulders and muscles of a dog grow.
  • When discussing how to prevent dogs from licking their paws, it’s essential to understand not only what should be done but also what should not be done.
  • It is better to avoid drugs of infection or allergy as those may work for a short period of time and they also have side effects. These medicines may make the dog feel depressed or make it suffer from low self esteem.


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