5 Amazing Dog Bed Ideas For Small Spaces


Every dog deserves a bed, but for pet parents, it can be tricky to get a cozy bed for your dog, especially if you want to maximize your small space. Even though you have pet-friendly furniture, your dog needs a bed to sleep well like us. Many DIY pet bed ideas use existing furniture or cushions that fit your style. Whether you would like to place your pet bed in the living room, a nook in your bedroom, or a kitchen area, these dog bed ideas for small spaces suit your home well; moreover, it increases the connection between you and your dog. 

DIY Dog Bed Ideas

You need to consider many things before upcycling the stuff for your dog bed. You need to consider how big your dog is, which bed size suits your pet, which location your dog likes most, etc.

After planning everything, you can start your DIY dog bed project. Whatever the design and how stylish the bed looks, you need to shape a mattress that suits your small spaces and keeps your pet comfortable. 

Here are a few DIY dog bed ideas for small spaces. Get inspired by them and create a cozy bed for your furry friend.

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Old Tires Into Dog Beds

Upcycle an old tire into a cozy dog bed. Based on your dog size, choose a tire and paint it with colors that match your interiors. Take a pillow and tuck it properly inside the tire. Cover the pillow with a beautiful and soft pillow cover, so you can wash the cover whenever required. Place this tire dog bed in your favorite place.

Customized Wooden Cupboard

Be it a dresser drawer, scrap wood, or old nightstand, recycle it by creating a beautiful customized wooden bed for your dog. Paint the bed with wood and stuff it with a smooth cushion inside the bed. Add fun details like keeping your pet’s favorite toy, writing your dog’s name on it, decorating it as a princess or prince bed, dog portraits, etc. These customized wooden dog beds won’t cost much. 

Suitcase Bed

If you have an old suitcase, use it as a DIY dog bed. It is very simple and easy to make. All you have to do is place the suitcase bed in a corner and tuck a cushion. If you are more creative, decorate it with ribbons and pet names, or write cute dog quotes. 

Floor Pillow

Preparing a fluffy pillow is pretty simple. Take a cushion cover and stuff it with cotton or unused clothes and stitch it. And, sew the sides of the pillow with small cushions to make your dog feel cosy. Depending on the size of your dog, make a pillow. Play with different colours that match your decor and style. But, make sure to choose smooth fabrics to make your dog feel comfy. 

Basket Bed

Transform a woven basket or plastic basket into a customized dog bed. This basket dog bed is mostly suited for small dogs. Upcycle it by painting it and stuffing it with a soft cushion. If you have a small dog, then this basket bed is excellent. 

Bottom Line

We have given some perfect space saver dog bed ideas. These dog bed ideas will save your space and keep your dog more comfortable. Keep your dog bed cozy with soft cushions, blankets, and toys.


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