Knowing the Tricks Behind How to Change Your Dog’s Diet


There are various occasions that would require you to change your dog’s diet. Learning how to change your dog’s diet is essential to maintain your dog’s health and also to make the diet safe on the stomach of your pet. Usually the more and more your dog grows during his life span you are required to replace his diet with a new one every now and then. This switching over should not affect the metabolism of your dog and should be easy on his stomach. But always make it a point to check with the vet before you start the new diet to ensure the right way.

Conditions for how to change your dog’s diet

How to Change Your Dog's Diet

There are certain conditions which would require you to change the diet of your dog without having the need of giving it the old diet. Some of such occasions might require you to learn how to change your dog’s diet such as development of allergy in your dog towards certain foods. If your dog is undergoing a transition stage from the puppy stage to the adult one, this is necessary as your dog will need more nutrients and minerals to keep fit and grow more. Then again, if your dog experiences weight loss that might be sudden or gradual then your dog’s vet would suggest a change in diet plan.

The brand of dog food you are feeding has suddenly stopped their production and you are unable to get it anywhere, your dog refuses to eat his food in spite of administering him with appetizers, you might want to try a new variety of food contrary to the old one to provide your dog with some interesting food, though it is not necessary at all. Always remember that it is a slow and gradual process to change your dog’s diet and you must not rush it as it might cause some unfavourable symptoms in your dog such as nausea, vomiting, gas problems, indigestion or loose stools.

How to change your dog’s diet in a natural way

Once you have decided to change the diet of your dog, then it is advisable that you choose a slow and gradual process that is safe for your dog and easy on his stomach. Your furry friend will experience uneasiness if there is a sudden halt to the old food and introduction of the new diet. So it is recommended that you use a slow and passive way to introduce the new diet. During the start of the first day, feed your dog with three portions of old food and one portion of new food. Follow the same combo for the second day too.

On the third day you may try and mix half portion of old food and half portion of the new food. Repeat the same for the next day too. Then mix three potions of new food with one portion of the old food on the fifth day and repeat the same method on the sixth day too. On the seventh day feed your dog with the new diet totally without even a trace of old food. This way you can stop worrying about how to change your dog’s diet while safeguarding the intestine of the dog and making him to get the taste of a new diet.


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