Hartz Pet Products


Hartz pet products offer you everything you need for your pet, such as nutrition, health, toys, grooming, and more.

Here is the brief overview about few popular Hartz pet products:

Hartz pet products for dogs:

Most of the dog lovers face difficulty with dog grooming. Hartz offers you quality products that can make dog grooming simple and easy.

Hartz pet products for dogs

This is best suitable for all types of dog breeds. The ergonomic handle and unique angle of this clipper make it easy to keep dog’s nails trimmed to a healthy and comfortable length. Use the file to remove sharp edges and leave nails even and smooth.

Another most important thing for dog owners to take care of their dog is its health. Some dogs required very special care compared to others. Hartz offers you special dog care products that can help to keep your dog healthy.

Hartz pet products for dogs

This can help to relieve your dog from everyday aches and pains. The special safety-coating allows the aspirin to pass through the dog’s stomach and be dissolved in the intestine, thus helping to protect against digestive upset.

Hartz pet products for cats:

Usually kids love to play with cats and Hartz offers you very beautiful products for pet entertainment.

Hartz pet products for cats

You can give your pet cat a burst of energy with this soft, catnip filled play mouse. Give the toy a gentle pinch or shake to bring out the catnip aroma and watch your cat go wild.

Just like how it is important to groom your dog, cat grooming is also essential. Hartz offers you very best cat grooming products for easy and safe grooming.

Hartz pet products for cats

This grooming brush consists of two brushes with two grooming actions. Nylon bristles distributes the natural oils for a shiny and healthy coat and the pin side removes lose hair and detangles. This grooming brush is ideal to use on all types of cats.

Hartz pet products for Birds:

Harts pet products for Birds

Hartz offers very best products for several kinds of birds, such as parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, canaries and finches. Various type of foods, treats, supplements, bedding and accessories are available from Hartz.

Harts pet products for Birds

Every bird owner needs some sort of added nutrition at some point to maintain good health and wellbeing of birds. This supplement is nutrient rich and has good quality ingredients to help maintain the optimal health of the bird in some stressful periods like mating, transport, molting and illness. This supplement is rich in amino acids, which is essential colorful plumage formation.


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