Pet Protector – An Effective Anti-Parasitic System


Pet protector is a metallic disc charged with scalar wave atoms to repel all the external parasites, particularly ticks and fleas. The device is particularly designed for external usage only.

The disc operates without including any battery. Power supply mainly is the earthly magnetic field and the motion of the animal in it. The only thing you need to do is attaching pet protector disc to your pet’s collar. Externally attach the disc to the collar and no need to remove whether you give your pet bath or the pet is X-rayed by the vet.

When you attach the pet protector to the collar, it will create a protecting field to remove all the external organisms and stop the new ones hosted by the pet. It is an effective way to prevent ticks and fleas and it serves as one of nontoxic anti-parasitic tools. It can be used for cats and dogs of any age, weight, along with pregnant, sick and convalescent pets.

Pet Protector

How pet protector is different from other pet products

Pet protector is a non-toxic product and is effective to use on cats and dogs. There are various sprays, oral medications, pesticides, shampoos, powders and dips, all are approved for tick and flea control. Also there are some products that can kill adult fleas and ticks, while some other breakdown the fleas’ lifecycle and prevent them from growing into adult fleas. Such products include pesticides, so they can’t be used on pregnant, nursing or sick pets or on pets that are on certain medications.

Insecticides can affect pet’s health, particularly the liver. In case your pet exhibits any symptoms of infection after applying any of those products, you should consult your vet. Poisoning from those products can cause several symptoms, such as depression, poor appetite, diarrhea, excessive salivation and vomiting.

But the pet protector is completely different from the products that cause various other side effects. There are no insecticides and it can be used on pregnant, sick and convalescent pets. Also, you don’t need to clean your hands whenever you touch the product.

Also, the product allows improved blood circulation and thus strengthening the immune system and initiating detoxification. This product can also be used with the pets from the very first day of their life. You can use it as the pet’s guardian for 2 years. The cost of pet protector is 5 times less when compared to all other anti-parasitic products that you have used in those 2 years period.


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