Why It Is Essential to Use Dog Identification Tags?


Research proved that 80% of the pet owners believe that it is important to wear personal dog identification tags. 1 out of 3 pets will get missed at some point during their lifetime. Without proper identification tags, 90% of the pets will never return home.

Dog Identification Tags

Dog identification tags will dramatically increase the chance that your lost pet will be returned home. This is where the importance of dog identification tags comes in. Identification tags are also essential whenever you travel with your pets. Traveling with your dog can be a wonderful experience, but it requires careful and thorough planning.

Not only the tags are good looking, but also they convey the most important information regarding the pets. You can find several types of pet identification, such as:

  • Stainless steel tags: These are very useful as well as durable. This kind of traditional tags comes in various sizes and shapes. These are good for both dogs and cats.
  • Plastic tags: These are very lightweight tags and you can even wear it to the newborn puppy. They are available in various colorful shapes, designs as well as sizes.
  • Jewelry tags: These are highly polished tags with bright color enamel designs. Back of the tag is laser engraved with the dog’s identification.
  • Brass tags: It is most commonly used one for dogs and cats. These tags have golden yellow shining and are available in various sizes, designs and shapes. This tag style is suitable for any kind of pet.
  • Plastic framed tags: It comes with a new twist on traditional identification tags, but they have soft and modern look. These are lightweight tags and are highly fashionable. They are of high quality, durable and are custom patterned as well.
  • Aluminum tags: These tags are commonly preferred on indoor pets. They have sharp and shiny littering that gives better visibility. You will have several choices in this type of tags.

You can choose any kind of dog identification tags from the above list. Before buying any of these identity tags, you should check for the product’s durability. Remember that readable tags are always important in locating the lost pets. Include your pet’s full name, contact number and email address in the tag.

Even though it is not obligatory to use the dog identification tag, it will be beneficial in case the dog is missed. While some other pet owners prefer to have their dogs tattooed as collars. Some people also implant a microchip with control number under the dog’s skin.


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