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Dog Safety Tips during Christmas Season

Christmas is the great time that everyone looks forward to – festive decorations, delicious food and lots of fun. However, your Christmas decorations and treats can be very appealing to your pet dog which is extremely harmful. Just remember the following safety tips that keep your dog safe this festive season. Therefore, your entire family along with your pet dog can enjoy the festive Christmas season.

Dog Safety Tips during Christmas

Pets and Candles: Safety First

If you want to decorate your home all with lighting candles then please keep it in mind that always lit the candles out of reach of your pets. Make your festive celebrations comfort and joyful without any harm even to your pets.

Dogs and Holiday Treats:

Just be careful with holiday treats that cause harm to your pet. Keep holiday candies and treats out of dog’s reach. Wrapped gifts that contain food items which are kept under your decorated tree should be kept out of reach of your dog. Having excess amounts of food can cause your dog to fall sick. Foods like raisins, chocolates, alcohol and onions are fatal to dogs.

Poinsettias and Amaryllis:

Amaryllis and poinsettias are very popular during Christmas season, but red glow emitted by them causes severeharm to dogs because they find these two plants irresistible. Therefore, it’s important to keep these plants out of reach of dogs as they are poisonous which cause stomach or mouth irritation. Mistletoecan also be dangerous; particularly the berriesare even more toxic than poinsettias.

Edible tree decorations:

No matter whether they are popcorn strings, ornaments, or cranberry, theyare just like time bombs waiting to be happening. These goodies can be too enticing that even your dog will surely get tug at them.Dogs can cut their mouths when they are trying to chew on any breakable ornaments and may have seriously upset stomachs from eating those.

Cords are dangerous:

Power lights are associated with many cords lying around them and other things. Dogs feel to chew unprotected cords. Just make protect all your cords in decorations so that dogs cannot chew. But try to use caution while covering cords as they can cause the risk of fire.

Other common safety measures for dogs during festive season:

  • Tinseladdsup an awesome sparkling touch to tree decoration, but hang them up out of your dog’sreach. Ingesting the tinsel could block their intestines.
  • Ornaments have to be kept out of your dog’s reach as there can be a risk of choking and intestinal blockage . Shards remain from broken ornaments can injure mouths, paws or other parts of your dog’s body.
  • Place Christmas tree secured. This could be a good idea for many reasons. Make sure the decorated tree with lights is secured in a tree stand or bucket.

Hope these dog safety tips helps you to protect your pet. For more information about animals, explore a2zpetsinfo.



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