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Dog Costumes: 5 Eye-Catching Costume Ideas

Christmas is always a special to everyone which brings happiness and full of joy. It is time where everyone wants to dress good attractive costumes and also there is great happiness in making the beloved dogs to dress with beautiful costumes. Here are some ideas for dog costumes.

1. Santa Claus Dog Costumes

Santa Claus Dog Costume

Santa Claus dog costume is one of the popular dog costumes in Christmas time. The Dog looks very cute and adorable with this costume. Your doggy gets more and more hugs with a sweet look. Also it gives warmth as most of the clothes were especially designed to protect the breed in winter. When you decide to dress up your dog in Santa clause dog costume, you could choose either extraordinary or simple. Some of the dogs feel comfortable in wearing white or red Santa Claus cloak or drape either with or without black belt. If your dog is female, then also you can apply the same concept and dress her up as Mrs. Claus.

2. Dog Elf Christmas Costume

The dog elf costume complete set contains an elf hat green tunic and ankle cuffs with red poms. It best suits as a partner for Santa Claus costumed dog. This is available as a complete set for any size of dogs. So, it doesn’t matter whether your dog is small or large, you can get the correct sized out-fit for your Christmas dog.

3. Kyjen Dog Santa Hat

If you are not interested to dress your dog with total outfit then this Kyjen dog Santa hat is best to place this hat on the dog’s head when guests are arriving or going out for a walk. It gives a great pleasure with this simple accessory. Children get excited and thrilled by seeing your dog in this and don’t try to disturb it much.

4. Candy cane

This is one of the famous Christmas dog costumes. Candy cane costume is a bit sound but it is good by making a hat in the form of candy cane. Interested people keep two candy canes as it look like an antlers. But make sure that you do not incorporate real candy canes as your dog likely to eat, which becomes awkward.

5. Dog Christmas Costume – Reindeer

A reindeer dog costume is most probably a well-known and popular Christmas dog costume in the market. This costume is very special and has many variations of Christmas dog costume that one cannot find the similarities when compared to other costumes. In fact, one best thing of reindeer dog costumes is they are designed with a pair of antlers. This will definitely be the only thing you require for your beloved dog to dress a reindeer Christmas dog costume.



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