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Learning the Lessons of How Much to Feed a Kitten

Knowing how much to feed a kitten is essential as your kitten would always be hungry.  Kittens are very exciting and would exhibit extreme playfulness that would make them hungry all the time and would require special care and attention. Your kittens would need food every now and then and if they are along with her mother then they might need their mother’s milk every now and then to satiate hunger pangs. But if they are orphaned at an early stage, then it is your responsibility to hand-rear them, and it is a tedious process. This is because your kitten should be healthy and must be able to fight the illnesses.

Know how much to feed a kitten each day

Usually kittens will drink the mother’s milk for about 10 or 20 times daily as they consume only a lesser amount each time. But while feeding them with hand it is essential to remember how much to feed a kitten which is essential to feed the kitten to ensure that you are not over feeding your kitten and making him or her lazy or they are not left with a hungry stomach. For healthy kittens feeding with food for once in every 6 hours should be necessary. But if the kittens are weak and feeble, offer them food once in four hours. This way they will be able to grow up healthy and free from disease.

How Much to Feed a Kitten

You can feed your kitten with a feeding bottle to offer them the milk they require to grow stronger. You should provide them with milk corresponding to their body weight. As the kitten grows, you can increase about 10 ml according to your body weight of your kitten. But always make sure that you are not over feeding and also administer with great care that the milk does not choke. This can be taken care by choosing the right kind of nipple for the feeding bottle that would suit the tiny mouth of your kitten. This will ensure that the milk would be directly passed on to the stomach when your kitten suckles it.

How much to feed a kitten when it comes to solid food

You should know how much to feed your kittens and start feeding them with solid foods when they become three weeks old. They will be weaned at eight weeks which would require you to feed small amount of solid foods. You would be required to feed your kitten with small measures of food for four to five portions per day. Continue this until your furry ball reaches about six months then you can provide your kitten with two meals per day. This will usually be enough for your kitty and can continue till your kitten reaches the stage of adult life.

You can also introduce dry food at kitten stage itself as they love to eat such kind of food but remember to feed only in small proportions. If you are going to office and still want to love to take care of your kitty then you can leave less portions of dry feed to satiate the hunger pangs when you are away. Give enough quantity of water in a clean bowl and make it a habit to make your kitten drink her share of water every day.



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