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Common Cat Behavior Problems

Although we all love cats there are some common cat behavior problems that the majority of the pet owners have to face. Sometimes these can be easily solved, but in other cases medical conditions may determine how the cats act.


It is usual for the cats to like plants, but sometimes they give them too much attention through chewing them, digging out the soil or peeing in the soil.

To take care of the problem you could apply Bitter Orange or Bitter Apple spray on the leaves. As an alternative, put some catnip for the cat to chew on.

Common Cat Behavior Problems

A new addition to the family

In case you are thinking about the usual cat behavior problems, you should know that the cat will be jealous if you have a baby. You have to reassure the cat that you still love him. If you don’t have time for him, you can be sure that he will resent you.

Many people believe that cats are dangerous to babies, but this is a myth. Cats like to be warm, so they may cuddle up with babies, but they are unlikely to sit on their faces. However, it is important to never leave a baby alone with a cat.


This is one of the most annoying things that cats can do, but it is also a cat behavior problem that is usual. First you should make sure that the cat doesn’t have any medical conditions. There is a difference between spraying and urinating. The second one is caused by medical conditions.

To address this common cat behavior issue, be sure to thoroughly remove the odor from areas where the cat has urinated to prevent future temptations. Avoid using ammonia to eliminate the scent.


This is one of the common cat behavior problems. When your cat is being stubborn in one area, you can use Bitter Orange or Bitter Apple sprays, which are commonly sold in pet stores. Offer the pet a scratch pole as an alternative and reward the cat when he uses the pole.



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