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Top 3 Dog Crates for your Golden Retriever

Dog Crate Golden Retriever training helps your dog feel secure and is essential to housebreaking. With so many sizes and style options, choosing the best cage for your Golden Retriever might be challenging. Things might become complicated if your dog falls between the dimensions of a large and a small crate.

You need to consider several issues when buying a cage for your dog. Material, pricing, quality, and intended usage are all factors to consider. Considering car-specific containers is a good idea if you drive a lot.

Following this brief introduction to crate training, we’ll discuss the many crate options available, with a particular focus on those designed for Golden Retrievers. Allow us to assist you in locating the ideal Crate for your golden retriever.

Your Golden Retriever needs a cage that is at least 42 inches in length, has a partition, and is made of durable materials.

Listed below are some of the most critical choices you can make regarding the price and features of your dog’s cage.

Top 3 Crates For Your Golden Retriever

Dog Crate From Midwestern Homes

Everything you need to train your Golden Retriever is included in the MidWest Homes Dog Crate. If you start crate training your puppy with the partition in place, you may use the same Crate for the rest of your dog’s life. 

The box has a sturdy, easy-to-clean floor pan that may be used to corral any mishaps or excess shedding. It is also available in a two-door variant.

This dog crate differs mainly from the AmazonBasics because it has a more robust and sturdy wire frame. Besides that, they are pretty similar.

Dog Crate, Petmate ProValue, Small

The Petmate ProValue Dog Crate is an excellent option if you’re trying to save money. However, as of this post, you would only save around $5 when buying this over the MidWest Home Crate, so be careful to check costs.

For all its similarities to the MidWest Homes crate, this one differs only in its use of thinner wire. The wire is still enough, so going with this Crate is still an excellent choice, but an upgrade is worth the modest amount if you have the money.

High-Strength Dog Cage for Haige Pets

The Haige Pet Heavy Duty Dog Crate is more expensive than the other crates we’ve looked at, but you get what you pay for. The Haige box is constructed of non-toxic stainless steel.

dog crate golden retriever | Credit: Valeriy Volkonskiy

Training Tips for the Dog Crate Golden Retriever

Never resort to the Crate as a Punishment.

One of the most effective methods to teach your dog a negative association with the Crate is to use it as a punishment. You should train your dog to think of this area as its den. That’s not a time-out, and they need to remember that. When educating your dog to use the Crate, think positively. Please don’t make them link their cage with negative behaviour.

As such, your dog shouldn’t link the Crate with your departure. Before you can crate your dog while you’re gone, you should acclimate them to the Crate.

Avoid Prolonged Caging for Dog Crate Golden Retriever

As additional advice, you should limit your dog’s time in the Crate. Creating time for a puppy should never exceed a few minutes. If they start whimpering or barking, assume they’re uncomfortable and try to redirect their attention back to you.

Gradually increase the amount of time your dog spends in the Crate. Please wait at least 30 minutes before putting them inside. Feeding your dog inside the Crate is a great way to ease them into the new routine. Your dog will get used to the Crate and sleep there while you’re gone and throughout the night.

Evening Dog Crate Golden Retriever Time

After a few days of crate training, you should put your dog to bed in the Crate every night. An excellent place to start is by putting the Crate near your bedroom so you can easily hear any whimpering. Put the Crate farther away from your bed after a few nights have passed. Get a good crate bed so your dog can sleep well in their kennel for the night.

Repeat this process until you have the Crate where you want it to be. Relocating the cage too quickly and over a long distance might be stressful for your dog and undo any progress you’ve made in crate training.


Your dog will feel more at ease within their cage if you take the time to teach them properly. You should train your dog to willingly enter and exit the Crate at night while you sleep. Den animals like dogs naturally look for safe havens in the wild. If you take the time to train your dog, it can quickly fulfil these requirements within a crate.



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