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What Is The Best Food To Feed Your Cat? Complete Guide

Meat is the best source of nutrients for cats, because the felines are basically carnivores and need maximum nourishment from non-vegetarian foods for their wellbeing and survival. Since cats are primarily preying animals, they need protein-rich foods and moderate quantities of fat and carbs as their meals. Apart from these, cats also need other vitamins and minerals to thrive. While some people prefer packaged cat food, others like to feed their pets homemade food. The choice may also depend on the type of breed and so, it is important to get all the necessary information from the breeder and vet before starting anything. You may give your kitty commercial food in addition to regular home cooked foods. Find out more about the best commercial cat food options. Here is the guide for you to know about what is the best food to feed your cat.


Meat is a rich source of protein and is good for your pet. Be it mutton or beef, make sure that you cook it well, before serving to your cat. You may want to serve the meat raw, because the cat would enjoy it either way, but it’s not a good idea. Uncooked meat may cause a host of stomach issues and serious illnesses. Boiled or cooked meat makes the best meal for cats.


Poultry is another good source of protein which your pet is most likely to enjoy. You may serve well cooked chicken or turkey to your pet. If you have other poultry options, you may serve them as well.


Fish needs to be given in moderation, because most common types of fish can contain contaminants which may be toxic for your cat. You may serve canned or cooked fish.


Eggs are a good source of protein and just like other non-vegetarian products, you can serve them boiled. Make sure to give them in moderation, because they are high in fat content as well.


Grains are loaded with nutrients that are good for your cat. You may give millets, cornmeal, oats, corn and other form of grains that are cooked for easier digestion and absorption.


Most cats are not fond of fruits or vegetables, but it’s better to include them in their diet because they are full of minerals, fibre and necessary vitamins. You may try feeding them cucumbers, cooked carrots, squash, bananas or cooked beans.



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