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Why is it Necessary to Vaccinate Your Dog or Cat

Vaccines are highly recommended for dogs and cats to keep them from contacting dangerous diseases. Some conditions can have a huge impact on their quality of life and may even be fatal. To avoid serious consequences, it is better to vaccinate them on time.

Your pet may be well trained and always in its best behavior, but the moment you take them out, they like to explore their surroundings. Dogs especially are very intuitive and like to take a whiff of everything they come across. This leaves them at a huge risk of contacting deadly diseases.

Cats too are susceptible to infections when they show interest in outdoors and meeting other cats in the streets. They may be mostly indoor bred, but wandering about even once in a while and meeting other pets or ferals can put them at risk. Confining your pets, completely to indoors is neither possible nor an applicable solution.

Why should you vaccinate your pet?

  • Vaccines help in developing immunity against certain diseases. This means if your cat gets exposed to this certain illness, its body fights it off.
  • Vaccines provide protection from highly contagious diseases, which can spread easily from other pets, when they come in close contact with them.
  • Vaccines save huge amount of your money, which would otherwise may have gone into treatment procedures.
  • Vaccines also come into play when you are planning to travel, visit pet-friendly parks, hotels, day care facilities, grooming salons or pet-sitting services. In some places, you need to show the vaccination documents to even get a licence for your pet.
  • Sometimes, a minor health issue may turn into a complicated ailment. Vaccines help in preventing the disease from turning too serious and in recovering faster.

What should you do?

Take your pet for a health checkup and get the core vaccines that are prescribed. Some vaccines may do with a single shot, but others require multiple doses. Also, it is important to get booster vaccines on a regular basis, to extend the protection. It is important to keep the vaccinations of your pets updated regularly or otherwise they may no longer remain immune. If this happens, you may have to start their vaccine programme all over again.

In these changing times, when new diseases and infections are a constant threat, it is better to be safe from some of the known diseases at least, that can cause potential damage to your pets.



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