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What Human Foods are Safe for Dog Consumption

Dogs can eat a variety of foods consumed by humans safely, but there are a few exceptions which you need to take into consideration. Some foods that are quite normal for human consumption, can be potentially harmful to dogs. As a dog owner, you may want to feed your dog healthy, homemade food, but you may do so, in moderation. Learn how best you can offer homemade food to your pets  here. Find out what foods are best for your dog.


Eggs are an excellent protein source for your dog and are considered healthy. Make sure to boil them thoroughly, because improperly cooked eggs can cause poisoning. Also, it’s better not to overdo them, as the fat content in eggs can be harmful in the long run.


Meat is another good protein source for dogs, which has to be cooked thoroughly and plain. Uncooked meat is not a safe option and you may remove the fat from it, so it doesn’t gain extra weight.


You may give your dog plain cooked chicken moderately. It also helps in recovery, when the dog has digestive problems.


Fish is a healthy food consisting of necessary nutrients to help build the dog’s immunity and shiny hair. Fish, like other non-vegetarian foods should be cooked well before feeding to your pet, because raw fish can be harmful.


Cooked rice is a safe option, which is especially good when your dog has stomach problems, as it is easy on the stomach.


  • Carrots – a healthy, nutritious snack that helps improve their dental and skin health.
  • Green beans – safe to consume as both plain boiled or raw and great source of nutrients.
  • Cucumbers – beneficial for dogs when given in small amounts, as they are full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Broccoli – safe and healthy


  • Bananas- good for bone health, but high in sugars, so they have to be given in limited quantities.
  • Apples – good source of vitamins, but remove the seeds for dogs.
  • Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries-  highly beneficial in many ways
  • Mangoes- healthy, but serve them with the seed removed.
  • Watermelon- good to eat, but avoid feeding them with seeds.


Milk and yogurt are considered healthy and safe for dogs in moderation, but some may exhibit intolerance to diary products. Some dogs may not be able to digest certain types cheese and may fall sick.



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