Small Dog Breeds: Top 10 Ideal For Small Children


Small dog breeds are great for several reasons. People who live in apartments and like to have a cute dog, small dog breeds are a great choice. These dogs can easily adapt to your busy schedule and become an ideal companion to you and your children. They are less difficult and inexpensive to maintain. Also, they live longer when compared to big dog breeds. But when you are going to choose small dogs for your children, you need to consider dogs that can become an ideal companion for your children.

Here are top 10 small dog breeds:

1. Boxer Dogs

Boxer Dogs

Boxers are a great all-round family companion dog. A boxer dog is a superb blend of high intelligence, family protection, playful personality, and athleticism with a lovely affectionate nature and they are an excellent choice for a family with children. These are very alert and protective. These dogs are easy to train and they love everyone.

2. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

These dogs are outstanding human companion dog and they are great with children. They are one of the most obedient small dog breeds in the world. They are gentle and patient even with small children. These dogs have high intelligence, affectionate nature, attractive good looks and absolute loyalty.

3. Poodle


Poodles exhibit sensitivity and often form a strong bond with a single person. These small dog breeds easily adapt to various household situations and are widely recognized for their intelligence, good-natured demeanor, and beautiful appearance. They thrive when surrounded by human companionship. They have lovely distinctive looks and stand out in any crowd. The poodle’s body type is a reflection of athletic roots, and not many dogs can carry their body as similar as this dog. You can cut your poodle’s coat in a variety of styles like continental, puppy, sporting clips or English saddle.

4. Mastiff


Mastiffs dogs are wonderful choices for families with children, particularly when they are raised from puppyhood. It is one of the small dog breeds that have good nature and responds best to moderate and patient training. These are very responsible of home and family.

5. Bulldog


These are much loved ones among small dog breeds. Their clownish behavior, striking appearance, and provide unparallel companionship. With proper breeding, training, and socialization, the bulldog exhibits a sweet, patient, and tolerant nature. They are really lovable family dogs.

6. Pugs


Pugs are the most popular small dog breeds that are adorable for the entire family. They are very charming and love to play. They are easy to train and learn very quickly. With their energetic and fun-loving personalities, they effortlessly adapt to any family setting. They can mingle well with other pets and friendly to strangers.

7. Dachshunds


These are very little yet proud dog breeds. Dachshund is very attached to family, but can be aggressive around unfamiliar children. They are very friendly and clever. They have very elongated bodies with short and stubby legs, which can lead to spinal cord problems and obesity.

8. Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers

These are other wonderful companion for kids and the entire family. Not all children are suited to such a small dog as the children did not know how to handle the dog properly. Improper handling can cause broken bones and internal injuries. These are extremely small loyal dogs that won’t let you down.

9. Pomeranians


Pomeranians are delightful, affectionate, and devoted companions, sticking by your side at all times. Their playful nature makes them perfect pets for children, and they find joy in curling up in your lap throughout the day.

10. Border Terriers

Border Terriers

These sociable breeds can become a great companion for your children. Consider that their elevated energy levels and rough play needs constant supervision. Due to their inability to suppress their hunting instincts, these dogs should never be left alone. The sight of a rabbit could send them on a chase, which could lead to the dog getting lost.


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