Dog Breeds Good with Children


For most of the dogs children are the best match. Often they share close and a very special bond together. Generally most of the dog breeds good with children, such as rottweilers are good with children and they never bite. In very rare cases the children are seriously injured by the dog.

Remember one thing that any dog, if that is treated or teased harshly would bite. So you should teach your child on how to treat the dog smoothly.

There are several dog breeds good with children, such as:

Bull Dog:

Bull Dog

This dog has a study build, which is perfect for children who would like to roughhouse. This dog is comfortable to live in apartments as well as large houses. However it is a friendly, loyal, and pretty dog. It gets well with the other dogs and pets, too.



Originally considered as a hunting dog breed good with children and can fit well in houses with children, as they are never too tired to play the game. Clever, cheerful, and friendly, these are usually gets align well with other dogs and pets, too. They need a shed, and require regular bathing and brushing.

Bull terrier:

Bull terrier

Always, this is quite energetic and need a lot of play time, so it is the perfect dog for any large family. These dogs will return your care and affection by being protective to your children.



Collies are predictable and very gentle dog breeds good with children. Rarely they may bite people who misbehaved with the dog. They are easily trainable, and it is perfect for families, which are even unfamiliar with the dogs.

Collies’ long hair requires frequent grooming to maintain it in fine shape. These dogs get along good with the children and love to satisfy the owners and also protect the family.



These dogs love to stay with children and give protection to them. Kind, patient, and gentle, almost this is the kindest one among all the dogs. This is best suitable with a big open space family.

And although this dog is known to salivate and shed, it is not considered as the proper dog for yard. The Newfoundland dog wants to be with its family. Both younger children and older people will quickly fall in love with this large, sweet, and wonderful dog.



This is also one of the dog breeds good with children. This has a gentle manner and nature, and affectionate, quite, and loyal, perfect for children to play with them.

Furthermore, this dog is confident, smart, and obedient, forming very close bonds with the family members and able to learn new things quickly.


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