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Puppy Food Types for the Health of Your Puppy

Puppy food types vary in quality in the market and it is entirely the choice of the owner to choose from the types available according to the taste and the likes of their puppy. Apart from the most common dry and wet foods available for puppies there are other options that can be used by the owners which are now becoming fast popular because of the health and the nourishment that such foods are providing.

Dry food for puppies

Dry food for puppies

There are many supply stores for puppies that deal in dry food that come in many varieties. Dry food is used for pups by many owners because such food does not have any odor and at the same time it is also suitable for the health of the puppy. The storage of this kind of food for the pup is very easy and is also very cheap if it is purchased in large quantities. The protein, vitamin, fats, mineral and carbohydrate content in this kind of food are also very high which makes it a very healthy food for the puppy.

Wet food for puppies

This kind of food is also readily available in the market at an affordable price that is suitable for the pockets of the owners. The odor of the food and the variety in which it is available makes it very interesting for the puppy and there are many puppy owners that prefer wet food instead of the dry puppy food available in the market. This kind of food is also said to be edible for the puppy.

Food that is home cooked

Home cooked puppy food is the best food that can be given to the puppy because it carries all the necessary vitamins, fats, minerals and carbohydrates needed. Home cooked food can serve to be a special treat for your puppy because the owner chooses the food that should be given to the puppy according to its preference. This may vary from fish, meats, pulses and even vegetables. The advantage of giving such food to your puppy is that you know the preferences of your puppy and it has also been proven that this kind of food is very healthy for the puppy.

Raw food for puppies

There are many people who do not find it very healthy to feed their puppies with raw meats and bones and even fish because they do not find it healthy. However, there are people who take special preference in feeding their puppies with raw food because they find such food to be very healthy and safe for the puppy. This kind of food is considered to be the most underrated of the puppy food types available in the market because there are many people who do not like to use such food for their puppy. However, it has to be kept in mind that raw food is cheaper than the other puppy foods and the best way to get them is from the local butcher.



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