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    6 Unusual Hairless Animals In The World

    We always love to touch animals that have fur. Be a dog, cat, or lamb; these animals are fluffy and smooth. The fluffy creatures will be adorable. These animals are hairless and have unique qualities. We watch them in awe because we’ve got used to seeing furry animals. 

    Well, the hair or fur of animals is developed primarily to regulate their body temperature. But, when it comes to hairless animals, the absence of hair could be its nature or skin type, or it may be directly bred to create hairless animals. 

    List Of Top 6 Hairless Animals

    Despite their appearance, some people would love to keep them as pets, while others breed them purposely. Here we have listed the top 6 hairless animals which are unique yet beautiful. 

    Sphynx Cat

    Sphynx is a cat breed with no fur. These may cringe at the sight, but some people would like to keep it as a pet. This can have a narrow and long head with webbed feet. These sphynx cats are high-maintenance animals. However, they don’t require brushing but needs regular bath as their skin will be very oily. 

    Guinea Pigs

    Guinea pigs, also known as skinny pigs, look like hippos. There are two varieties, one is skinny pigs and the other is Baldwin pigs. These pigs will be born with fur but later become bald. 


    The hairless raccoon looks more bizarre. This animal resembles the legendary creature called the Chupacabra. It appears less like racoon and more like a pig or dog. The reason behind it hair loss is either because of a skin disease or an autoimmune disorder. Racoons eat food near or in the shallow water, such as snakes, fish, snails, eggs, fruits, nuts, vegetables, or even dead animals. 

    Chinese Crested Dog

    With soft pink skin, furry toes, and feathers, these Chinese crested dogs are truly the cutest animals. These dogs measure up to 11 to 13 inches high. There are two distinct varieties of crested dogs such as powder puff – which is coated variety – and the other is hairless. Because of the mutation, these crested dogs have a distinctive hairless look. However, both the varieties are playful and attentive housemates. 

    Hairless Rats

    The hairless rats are also known as nude or sphinx rats. These rats are born with hair; they will lose hair due to a genetic disorder. Hairless rats are used in labs for research. Unfortunately, these little creations will not live long. 


    All mammals have hair, but due to evolution, a few species have become naked or hairless animals, and dolphins are one among them. Cetaceans such as dolphins, whales, and porpoises have hair at some point in their life. But the descendants of these mammals loss their hair because of their natural evolution

    Bottom Line

    Some animals don’t have fur. It’s because of their nature or due to genetic mutation. However, their skin protects them from the sun’s heat and different weather conditions.



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