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Symptoms Related to Heartworm Disease in Cats

Cats can be affected with heartworm disease, but it is different from that of heartworm condition in dogs. Unlike dogs, cats are not hosts...
heartworm symptoms in dogs

Symptoms Related to Heartworm Disease in Dogs

Worms that are parasites cause heartworm disease in dogs, affecting many major organs of the body. Mosquitoes transmit these worms to dogs in their...
urinary blockage in cats

Urinary Blockage in Cats – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The condition known as urinary blockage in cats occurs when inflammatory substances like debris, bladder stones, or proteins obstruct the cat's urinary tract. When...
cat tooth resorption

Treatment Options for Tooth Resorption in Cats

wondering how to treat cat tooth resorption? Tooth resorption is a dental condition seen in cats, in which a tooth or multiple teeth begin...
what causes resorptive lesions in cats

Causes and Symptoms of Resorptive Lesions in Cats

Wondering what causes resorptive lesions in cats? Feline resorptive lesions or tooth resorption is a discomforting oral condition in which dentin, a hard bony...
cushing's disease

Canine Hyperadrenocorticism (HAC) or Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Canine Hyperadrenocorticism is an endocrine related condition that mostly affects middle-aged to older dogs. It is also known as Cushing’s syndrome. This condition occurs...
Outdoor Cat Shelter Ideas

DIY Outdoor Cat Shelter Ideas for Multiple Cats

Cat shelters help street cats feel safe and warm in the outdoors. Most cat lovers go the extra mile of building an outdoor cat...
hyperthyroidism in cats

Signs of Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Hyperthyroidism is a condition that occurs when there is an increased production of the thyroid hormone in cats. The thyroid hormone (T3 and T4)...
how to identify dental disease in your dog

How to Identify Dental Disease in Your Dog: Key Signs

Dogs can be affected with dental issues, but the problem remains unnoticed in many cases, until much later. Dogs are mostly affected with gum...
dog breeding books for dog breeders

Different Types of Dog Breeding Books for Breeders

Whether you are a new breeder or an experienced one, it is always a good idea to learn about different dog breeds, new techniques...
how do you set up a tropical fish tank

How Do You Set Up a Tropical Fish Tank? A Comprehensive Guide

Having an aquarium full of colorful varieties of fish can be so entertaining and relaxing to watch. Wondering how do you set up a...
how to dry your dog's hair without a hairdryer

Guidelines on How to Dry your Dog’s Hair without a Hairdryer

You may think that giving a bath to your pet has been very challenging and accomplished successfully, but then comes drying of hair. After...
Cleaning Aquarium Plants

Guidelines on Cleaning Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants and ornaments are an attractive addition to your aquarium housed with equally lovely fish. You may be keeping the aquarium regularly clean,...
What is the best way to clean a cat litter box

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Cat Litter Box?

One of the biggest concerns of having cats at home, is the cleaning and maintenance of litter box. You may have trained your cat...
What kind of dryers do dog groomers use?

Types of Dryers Used by Dog Groomers

Every breed of dog requires regular grooming, which is helpful in keeping health issues at bay. Grooming may depend on the type of dog...
cat's litter box in the house

Best Spots for your Cat’s Litter Box in the House

When you own a pet cat, one of the key questions that arises is, Where should I keep my cat's litter box in the...

Flightless Birds and their Capabilities

Birds belong to the skies, but some species have lost their flying abilities, despite of having wings, due to evolution. You may already know...
Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs

Most Common Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs

Dogs are often affected by diarrhea and different dog breeds may experience it in a different way. Sometimes it may last a short while,...
what is the best food to feed your cat

What Is The Best Food To Feed Your Cat? Complete Guide

Meat is the best source of nutrients for cats, because the felines are basically carnivores and need maximum nourishment from non-vegetarian foods for their...
what is the best allergy supplement for dogs

What Is The Best Allergy Supplement For Dogs: Care For Your Pet

Allergies in dogs occur for several reasons, including dust, food, pollen, perfumes, fleas, smoke or chemical pollutants. No matter how well-groomed your dog is,...

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