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Fish as pets are one of the most common choices in the small animals’ category. They are popular choice among first-time pet owners, as they are easy to source and easy to maintain as well. In this section we cover a wide variety of fish, their availability and a guide to owning fish as pets. We have a whole page dedicated to the common health conditions encountered in different fish species, remedies and prevention. Survival of your pet fish is mostly dependent on routine care and maintenance. So, we have a section dedicated to tips for caring of fish, maintenance of fish tanks and diet requirements.

how do you set up a tropical fish tank

A Guide to Setting up a Tropical Fish Tank

Having an aquarium full of colorful varieties of fish can be so entertaining and relaxing to watch. If you are new to the idea...
Cleaning Aquarium Plants

Guidelines on Cleaning Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants and ornaments are an attractive addition to your aquarium housed with equally lovely fish. You may be keeping the aquarium regularly clean,...
What causes white spots on tropical fish

What Causes White Spots on Tropical Fish

Ich, short for Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, is a parasite that causes white spot illness in fish. After these parasites have been discovered in an aquarium,...

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