Tips for Dog Obedience Training


Dog obedience training doesn’t solve all the behavioral problems; however it is the foundation for solving any kind of problem. It includes dog training with some basic commands like sit, come, stay, heel, etc. There are two basic methods for dog obedience training. One is through negative reinforcement techniques such as electric shocks and choke collars and the other is through clicker and reward.

Your dogs will afraid of negative reinforcement techniques. Sometimes this can even lead to aggression and unpredictable behavior. This behavior can result in a dog that bites, barks suddenly and destroys your valuable property. These negative reinforcement techniques can only work for short run and also they are unpredictable.

Dog Obedience Training

But the best dog obedience training can make the dog’s behavior predictable as well as repeatable. Positive reinforcement dog training can create a strong and loving bong that lasts for lifetime. Using clicker is the most effective and efficient tool to achieve the task. Clicker tells your pet dog the instant it has achieved an accurate or required behavior. This sound is signal for them that they did the task right.

Clicking sound when combined with positive reinforcement like food rewards and verbal praise, it will cause a great effect on your dog obedience training. This works best on your dog to perform positive behaviors like sit, heel, stay, fetch, attack, speak, lay down, roll over or just any positive behavior that you want to see in your dog.

You need to follow some steps while starting dog obedience training. Such as,

  • Make the training session as a part of your everyday life as it helps the dog to know what to assume. Training session before the meal can make your dog extra motivated and it is very eager to learn the obedience behavior.
  • Make sure that the training session should be short and simple. Making your dog to participate in fun activities like picking a ball or chasing a cat can make them to lose their attention. The training sessions should be around five minutes.
  • Punishments like hitting, yelling or time outs in their heap can actually lead to more harm than good. It makes the dog stressed, fearful, and even destructive. Instead, you can fix those bad behaviors by rewarding the good behavior.
  • Practice using the clicker before you starts dog obedience training. As the clicker sound is the indication for proper behavior, it should be accurate. The right time to use the clicker is when the dog performing the right behavior.Plan the training session in advance. Plan what you want your dog to perform.


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