Pets in Travel – Pets Travel Scheme


Pets travel a lot with their owners for various reasons and occasions. However pet owners need to ensure that their pets satisfy certain rules to enter into UK. Otherwise, they may not be permitted to enter into the country.  Pets can enter into UK only from certain EU and non-EU countries, which are listed out officially by the UK government for the purpose of pet owners. The process of pets traveling into UK and to other countries from the UK without quarantine (if and when they meet the rules) is termed under the name of pets travel scheme.

In the year 2001, the pets travel scheme has been introduced by the European Union countries with a strand to support for a rabies-free country.

Purpose of pets travel scheme

The purpose of Pets Travel Scheme (PETS) is to make UK a rabies-free country as they stay away from rabies for years and years. UK is on a strict rule to eradicate certain harmful pet diseases and rabies which are carried out through pets like dogs, cats and ferrets. Pets entering into their country from other countries may carry rabies and can spread it among the pets in UK so in order to prevent this risk the Pets Travel Scheme has been practiced very strictly by the government.

Pets Travel Scheme

Rules for pet travel

There are certain rules that need to be fulfilled before the owners bring their pets into UK from their countries and these rules are categorized as a check list for the pet owners to follow. Here is the check list:

  • Implanting a microchip on your pet – Your pets need to be implanted with a micro chip before the inoculation.
  • Rabies vaccination – Under the pets travel scheme the Rabies Vaccination is the most significant rule where your pets need to be strictly vaccinated against rabies. Your pet’s passport should contain the information entered by a registered vet regarding the name of the vaccine, date and time of vaccination along with the vaccination’s manufacturer name.
  • Documentation – Pets from EU country should be with a pet passport and pets from a non-EU country should possess a veterinary certificate issued by an authorized third country.
  • Check over the pet’s blood – The countries not coming under the non-EU countries list have to check over the pet’s blood before 30 days of their rabies vaccination.
  • Tapeworm check – Pets should be treated for tapeworm and the treatment should have to be done within 24 hours and should not exceed above 120 days before the day of their travel to UK.

Pets travel has approved routes of sea, air or rail and it is the responsibility of the pet owner to make sure your pets meet all the requirements under the pets travel scheme. Guide or assistance dogs do follow up the PETS and they need to be registered in order to travel with blind or disabled person. Without the proper submission of documents and following up of procedures your pets will fail to enter into UK.


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