10 Tips to Protect Your Pet in the Summer Months


Make your pet cool during warmer temperatures!! Create an ideal atmosphere that protects not only you but also your pet to beat bad tick season. As it is very challenging to keep your pet safe in summer months, we have highlighted some helpful tips that keep your pet safe and cool while enjoying outdoor activities. Check out and follow to enjoy happy summer!!!

  1. 10 Tips to Protect Your Pet in the Summer MonthsKeep your loved pets hydrated always. In order to eliminate heat, certain pets like cats and dogs use panting process. It is important to keep water available while going for summer tours and during outdoor activities.
  2. Never leave your pet alone in your parked car since the rising temperature inside your vehicle makes your pet faint. High temperatures in the parking areas could be a risk and sometimes life threatening also.
  3. If you are heading for beach vacation, it is better to keep your pet at home. No availability of fresh water and shade has great impact on your pet’s well-being. So, say NO-NO to beach vacation with pets to avoid dehydration effects.
  4. Provide some shade to your pet!! To keep your pets free of sunburns, make sure it is always protected under some shade. Shade is must while exposing to longer periods. Tree shades would be better since trees never block flow of fresh air.
  5. Restrict exercising your pet outdoors during hot summer time: Take your pet for fitness activities only during early morning times or late evenings. Light colored pets and pets having white colored ears are more likely to develop skin cancers. Pets with short nose feel difficulty in breathing.
  6. Apply sunscreens: For our surprise, pets are also accessible to sunscreens like humans. Certain pets that have pink skin and short fine hair are at high risk for sunburn. Veterinarian can suggest you certain kinds of sunscreen lotions or creams. Make it as a summer routine.
  7. Invest on some pet accessories: Your pets can sense heat through their paws. If you found any hot pavements, move your pet on to grasslands or shaded areas. A pair of booties keeps your pet cool off from ground heat and even putting pet clothes can prevent summer dangers.
  8. Prevent fleas and ticks: Summer is the best friend for certain ticks, mosquitoes and fleas. These tiny things are carriers for many heat worm diseases. Take preventive measures in order to keep your pet safe from parasites like tick and flea bath,medication, spray or flea collar.
  9. As summer is the best time for parties, you might be busy in attending parties or events. Obviously, you would be serving delicious food. However, the food you are serving for your pet may not be safe and make its condition worse because of harmful chemicals contained in the food.So, you should be very careful about the food during summer months.
  10. Do not perform fireworks around your pet. It is better to keep your pet at home during your summer celebrations. Toxic substances released during fireworks can make your pet uncomfortable.


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