A Location Where Horses Can Find liberate From Stormy Parts of Their Life


Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue is a place where horses receive special attention. Pennsylvania is one of relief in the few places in the country where old and sick horses based care.

save the company a noble, another advantage – it is possible to take the horse.

Angel Acres is now supported by 28 horses, all owners of slaughter and the pipe, which should put an animal to escape.
noble idea of Angel Acres owner came after Statistics said can certainly be alarming.Horses

protection authorities the animals were alerted to the tragic death of the horses. Most of them should be killed, especially those who have been racing horses and do not serve you.Other horses for human consumption, so that the owner of Angel Acres Horse Haven was decided to build dead.

now rescue his special care and treatment, and adoption of children and horses are known to the new owner. United States there are several attractions such as Angel Acres, many of them are composed of organizations for the care of horses in need.


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